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Laine Crosby: The Adventures

Follow her adventures as they happen! Experience what life as a medium is all about.

Take a front row seat as Laine writes the next in her series: The Adventures of a Free Range Psychic Medium. Taking her children to swim meets and soccer practices, then rushing off in the middle of the night to help police or missing persons, and then back home to make pancakes with whipped cream smiley faces by morning.

Follow the Butterfly

Laine is not conventional. Investigative Medium- the Awakening is not conventional. So why would our book release be conventional?

Fifty books and fifty states. We will "release" a free book in every state and we ask you to help us track them down. We call it Follow the Butterfly. Find it. Read it. Send us a picture with it. And then release it again.


Book Signings, Investigations

Meet Laine in person. Talk about the book. Learn how to harness your psychic abilities. Talk directly to the spirits and time travel throughout history. Investigate some of the most haunted places on earth.

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Laine Crosby: TV, Radio, Print, Online

Laine's talents have been showcased on The Travel Channel's Mysterious Journeys, MyFoxDC, GhostChannel.TV, and My Ghost Story. She has appeared on the Michael Medved Show, Eerie Pennsylvania with Brad Christman, Ghost Chronicles: The Radio Show, and the syndicated Travel Host Magazine Radio Show with Jeff Campbell.